Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guest Blogger!

Hello, this is Kyndra and I am the guest blogger. Since Christa's blog has been sadly neglected for the past few months, I have taken it upon myself to update her blog periodically, and she may not even know about it sometimes! Odds are Greg will read the blog before she does and inform her what I have done.

Today I took my kids Lexi and Sterling up to Christa's and here's what they did:

Austin, Sydney and Lexi decorated pencil holders with paint, googly eyes, gems and feathers.

The finished products! Syd and Lex had on garbage bag aprons, but Austin preferred to show us how macho a 2 year old can be.

Sydney's princess throne she got for her birthday was a hit even among the boys, but eventually the rightful heir resumed her proper place.

No day would be complete without dancing!


Christa said...

Thank you kyndra for updating my blog. My end-of-day blog time has just not been happening these days. I cannot decide if I am tired because I am old and pregnant or if is just plain old pregancy. Anyhow, thank you so much and now i need to keep it up!!

Jen said...

I am glad someone updated your blog. Sorry you can't blame it on pregnancy or getting old. I am only one year younger, one pregnancy ahead of you, further along that you and I am your sister (similar genes)and I can STILL update my blog a few times a month. Nice try!

Lisa said...

Christa - YEA!! I was so excited to check your blog today and see an actual update. Thank you Kendra.
I update my blog at least once a day! It is still new to me and I am loving it.
Your house is beautiful - congratulations. I have you listed on my blog and Charlotte Crippen has been on - I will steer her to yours. Did you get her Christmas card? Jon is going to school at Notre Dame.
Great to know you are still out there.
Lisa Lindsay

The Stokes said...

Well, it's nice to have an update. Syd is definately looking like a future 4 year old. (Happy Birthday on the 27th Syd!)How fun and cute. Love ya guys.

the seven c's said...

Thanks for updating the Reid's blog! Now go to Pyzam and choose her a new background. She is far too stylish to have this one.
Cute kids and cute projects. Austin is macho with those big muscles!

Christa said...

Katie--Thank you for the tip!! I have always wondered how people found all these cute blog pages.

I just went to Pyzam and updated my blog. Tell me what you think of the new pink and green!

the seven c's said...

Love it! Wouldn't this be a fun wallpaper for a little girl bath above a white wainscot treatmnet? Actually, it kinda reminds me of Syd's previous shower curtain.