Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camryn's Nursery

Here are some pictures of Camryn's nursery. I am still waiting on my glider chair that is coming in black and cream gingham and an end table that will go next to the chair. I am just happy to be able to check another item off my "to-do list"!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am not sure about all of you, but grocery shopping has got to be one of my least favorite things to do. I was really spoiled in New York because I ordered my groceries on line and they were delivered to my door. Then, if for some reason, I was missing an ingredient while making a dinner, I would just call downstairs to the small market at the bottom of our apartment building and they too would deliver it to my door. This made my life so much easier!

When we moved back to Utah however, I had to learn my way around a new huge grocery store. I prefer efficiency in my life and that includes my grocery shopping. I find it better for me to learn my way around one store and keep my shopping time to a minimum. So, near our house was a Harmons Grocery Store. I could not believe the customer service I received when shopping there. Not only did they have friendly people making sure you could find what you needed around the store, when I pulled up to the checkstand, they had an "usher" there to show me to the shortest line and then someone else to take the groceries off the cart and put them in on the belt. After service like that, I have been a Harmons fan ever since.

Now that we have moved to our new house, Harmons has not been as convenietly located. However, I was so excited to see a new Harmons being built very close to our house!! And just 2 days ago, a sign went up announcing APRIL 29TH will be the GRAND OPENING!! I can hardly wait!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Anxiety...Nesting...Call it what you will

So, the ticker at the top of this blog is starting to give me anxiety. When I realize that I only have 49 days left before this baby comes, I start to make lists in my head of all the projects that need to be done. I am realizing that my days of freedom are going to be coming to an end. I don't think that I had this realization with my first baby, but how quickly we learn that a newborn really ties you down. I really feel like I have my family on a good routine and now it is all about to change.

Last week I went through everyone's closets, including my own and rotated clothes. Boxed up kids things that I will store in rubbermaids, made a DI pile and then the bag to be passed down to cousins.

On Saturday, Greg took the kids with him to the gym. I started to think of all the things I could do with 2.5 hours of free time. My first thought was to take a nap, my second to get the house straightened and all the beds made. Then it came to me, I decided to clean out the garage. I still had about 6 boxes from our move that I had not unpacked. I hit "box burn out" after about 2 weeks of moving into our new house. It was the first really nice Saturday we have had in quite a while and I was able to keep the garage door open and not worry about Austin taking off down the street.

I made good progress and when Greg came home he helped me finish by taking everything out and power washing the floor. At the end of the day, I was able to check that big job off the list!

My next project to tackle is the basement after which I will be able to put together a list of everything I am not putting up in the new house that needs to be sold on Craigs List!!

Catching Up...

Ok, so when I look at the date of my last post, I realize so much has happened since then. We had a fun St. Patricks Day where the leprachauns came to our house and created havoc! The kitchen chairs were upside down, all the cabinets were open, there was a shamrock path from the front door to the kitchen, shamrocks all over our back door, our milk had been turned green, but they did leave a pot of chocolate gold coins for everyone to enjoy. And where is the picture of this fun day? We were so wrapped up in the fun that I forgot to document with a photo!

Then at the end of the week it was already Easter! I was not to pleased with these 2 holidays being so close together. It is kind of nice to spread out the fun of holidays;I prefer one a month. On the Friday before we had a fun Easter Egg hunt with all of the Reid cousins at Grandmas house. I think we heard more squeals from Sydney than any of the other kids. Sydney and Austin had fun decorating eggs and seeing what the Easter Bunny brought their way on Saturday, umbrellas being the big hit! (much easier than having him come on Sunday morning when we are trying to rush out the door for 9am church). It was nice to be able to focus on the Savior on Sunday and the true meaning of Easter. I told the kids, "the great thing about Easter is we celebrate all weekend!" I like some of my other friends, did not get any pics of the kids on Easter morning in their coordinating outfits, something I will need to recreate. I did dress them in those outfits just yesterday, took the camera with us to church and oops, the battery was dead. I think we captured one photo of Sydney with her cousin, but nothing of her with Austin.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Computer Crash

Apologies for being so behind in my blogging! My computer crashed and just this evening I have had my access restored. Since it is almost 11pm, I am going to head to bed. Stay tuned and I will post some updates this weekend!