Wednesday, November 7, 2007


To say that Austin despised his costume may be an understatement. The truth of the matter is he had no say in what he was dressing up as this year. Sydney decided to be Minnie Mouse and that Austin would be her Mickey. I thought that was a fine idea, but he definitley thought otherwise.

We are living with Greg's mom right now and on Halloween morning I received a call from one of her cute neighbors asking when I was going to bring the kids by in their costumes. I realized that once we left to take Sydney to preschool that I probably would not be home the rest of the day. I quickly took them over before we left for the day and we took these photos. Moments afer these pictures were taken, he ripped off the costume and never wore it again. There were only whiskers and a black nose for him the rest of the day. He didn't even want to go trick-or-treat with his sister and cousins that night.