Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Art of the Deal!

We closed on our new house a few weeks ago and for the past months I have been trying to make so many decisions on finish work, decorating, etc. For those of you who know me well, you know I always love to find a deal.

I have a contractor coming in to install the tile backsplashes I finally decided on, to custom paint some of the rooms, to put up beadboard and paneling. This is the same contractor that finished the basement for us in our last house. So, I worked a deal with Bruce on his bid...if he would give me a good price, I would run around and pick up all the paint, tile and other supplies. Since I have no talent when it comes to doing these tasks myself, I had to come up with a good way to save some money.

Between picking up all the paint and finish supplies I have also been running to many other establishments day after day. Calico Corners to find fabrics for bedding, pillows, drapes, etc. Then to almost every paint store in town to get all of the customs colors that we are painting once we close. I have also been trying to find bedroom furniture for Austin and many other odds and ends.
So for those of you who are wondering why my blog is so far behind, this is why. We have been living in our car running for one place to the next. Now next week the storage pods show up and we get to unload!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have not lived in Utah my whole life. However, I must say in the accumulative 10 years that I have, I cannot recall having snow in September! Here are some pics of the kids taken on Saturday, September 29th. Sydney was so excited and wanted to catch as much snow as possible. Austin was not so sure about playing outside in the freezing cold.