Monday, April 14, 2008

Catching Up...

Ok, so when I look at the date of my last post, I realize so much has happened since then. We had a fun St. Patricks Day where the leprachauns came to our house and created havoc! The kitchen chairs were upside down, all the cabinets were open, there was a shamrock path from the front door to the kitchen, shamrocks all over our back door, our milk had been turned green, but they did leave a pot of chocolate gold coins for everyone to enjoy. And where is the picture of this fun day? We were so wrapped up in the fun that I forgot to document with a photo!

Then at the end of the week it was already Easter! I was not to pleased with these 2 holidays being so close together. It is kind of nice to spread out the fun of holidays;I prefer one a month. On the Friday before we had a fun Easter Egg hunt with all of the Reid cousins at Grandmas house. I think we heard more squeals from Sydney than any of the other kids. Sydney and Austin had fun decorating eggs and seeing what the Easter Bunny brought their way on Saturday, umbrellas being the big hit! (much easier than having him come on Sunday morning when we are trying to rush out the door for 9am church). It was nice to be able to focus on the Savior on Sunday and the true meaning of Easter. I told the kids, "the great thing about Easter is we celebrate all weekend!" I like some of my other friends, did not get any pics of the kids on Easter morning in their coordinating outfits, something I will need to recreate. I did dress them in those outfits just yesterday, took the camera with us to church and oops, the battery was dead. I think we captured one photo of Sydney with her cousin, but nothing of her with Austin.


Lisa said...

How fun! We never celebrated St. Patrick's Day when I was younger, but after reading everybody's blogs this year --- I am for sure going to celebrate it next year.

You did some really cute things for your kids.