Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1st Piano Recital

Sydney started taking piano lessons in March of this year. She begged me since she was 4 and I was able to hold off till she was 5. We gave her all of her books as part of her birthday present. She loves playing and only gives me grief once in awhile when I remind her she needs to practice.

On September 24th she had her first recital. She had to memorize and perform 3 pieces: 1 classical, 1 fun piece and 1 piece she composed herself. She also had to memorize 5 facts about her classical composer who was Beethoven. I do not know who felt more pressure Sydney or me. I am sure it was me, because when I asked her if she was nervous, she said, "No not at all."


kwgirl said...

LOVE the dress...she is looking very composed like her mom:)

Anonymous said...

just this past wed. all 4 of the kids had their piano recital...oh my...the boys weren't too nervous and Jillian a little more, and Katie was VERY nervous. But, we made it through!