Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 Injuries only 15 hours into Vacation!

We spent our Fall Break in Colorado visiting the Nielson's. The night we arrived Austin took a really hard fall and smacked his face on the hardwood floor. His mouth was bleeding quite a bit, but thankfully we were with Uncle Kirk who is an orthodontist. He took great care of Austin and his injury and thought that we should probably get an x-ray the next day.

So the next morning we went to Uncle Kirk's office to have x-rays taken and to look at Austin more closely (both front teeth are now dead and starting to turn gray). I suggested that maybe we could have Sydney's very loose tooth looked at while we there too. It was indeed ready to come out and since this mom wants no part of pulling teeth, this was the perfect opportunity to leave it to the professional! All went well and Sydney was given a "sparkly silver tooth case" to take her treasure home in. With gauze in her mouth, we started to leave the office. Uncle Kirk told Sydney to give her dad the gauze pad and swap it for a clean one. She pulled out the gauze, looked at it and did a face first fall to the ground. She then started to convulse a bit and we quickly discovered she had passed out! Thank heavens she is not the only person in our family with this genetic problem (Jake, Grandpa Devlin, this mom and other aunts uncles which will remain nameless). Uncle and Kirk and Aunt Steph jumped right in and knew exactly what to do. With Camryn in my arms I was helpless to even be able to catch her when she went down.

I guess Camryn did not want to feel left out, so she had a nice spill just a few hours later on the cement path while we were at the Butterfly Pavillion. Another goose egg for one of the Reid kids. If DFS was anywhere nearby, they would be questioning these parents. We just hope that we are invited back to Denver to visit again!


Jordan said...

I love the Nielson's pretty house! "Uncle Kirk" was my orthodontist too and he does a great job... luckily I never passed out. She is taking after the rest of the family so young! She fits right in :o)

Angie said...

Man....when it rains it pours. It seems like accidents never stop with one. There has to be a handful before the accidents stop.

Lori said...

Oh the memories of all the fainters in your family! Glad she is ok!

Kim said...

Sydney sydney sydney. She is officially one of us. If she is like the rest of us, this is only the begininng!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Hope the injuries are all thru for now, and that you're enjoying your vacation!

Steph said...

Anyone else want to come for a visit? Didn't this so, our visitor list has officially been shortened and quickly. So sad to hear about Austin's teeth, it was a crazy 24 hours. However, have I mentioned that through all of this, we loved our visit and each of you. We'll have to walk a little more carefully, run a little lighter and pull teeth in the reclined position from now on. We love you, thanks for coming to our neck of the woods, hope you'll come back, we bought a new first aid kit!