Saturday, January 3, 2009


Dear Friends and Family-
If you think I have been completely out of touch, I have! We have not had a computer since the 8th of December. Just today I traded in my 5 year old dinosauer Dell desktop, for a new HP laptop.

Besides the obvious lack of blog updates, I could not access email (except work ones on my blackberry), retrieve my calendar, type my Christmas letter from my own computer, download pictures from camera, pay my bills on-line and the list goes on. I can honestly say I felt completely disconnected from the world. So for any of you who have thought I was exeptionally rude by not responding to emails, blog posts, or I forgot your special day, I sincerely apologize!

Thank goodness for a new year and a new computer!


kwgirl said...

Welcome back...we missed you!
Yeah for a new computer:)

Jordan said...

I found you! I am just figuring out the blog thing and saw you on Heather's new blog too. Yours is so cute... and the pictures of the kids too!

Christie said...

Glad your back! I hope your holidays were great!

Kim said...

Psh....a computer is losing touch with the outside world for sure...but I'm freakin' phoneless. I don't know what would be worse!!! Both I suppose!

Kyndra said...

Well at least you left us hanging on your blog with a cute picture of Camryn to see everytime we clicked to your page! Welcome to 2009!