Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Austin's Antics

Our little Austin never ceases to entertain us all! He has quite the sense of humor and makes us laugh daily! Here are some of his antics over the past month!

"Look Dad! I'm a deer!"

Take note of the sparkling princess Belle slippers; his older sister's influence. Hopefully, the alligator and dinosaur will neutralize the estrogen.

"Mom finally gave in and bought me a sword!"

So truth be told I avoided this day like the plague! I finally grew tired of my letter opener, vacuum attachments, empty paper towel rolls and other like items being used as swords. So thank you Brooke for the dollar store tip, Austin now has 2 swords to have those "friendly battles".


Kim said...

His "basktball games" are still my favorite!!

Kyndra said...

Those antics are quite mild to some other ones of his in the past!!

Jamie said...

Good job on buying the sword. I avoided it too, but once Easton started building them out of legos and using the "L" and "7"'s from his puzzles for guns I gave in. I now have two boxes full of weapons and can't wait until the day I can get rid of them!

Lisa said...

I love boys are they not just the funnest! The say the funniest things and the adventure in these little men - whoa!

I love the slippers ... defintely maned up by the aligator. He is such a cute kid!

kwgirl said...

LOVE the alligator picture. The sparkly shoes are the icing on the cake! They do outgrow the swords.
Wish they had Dollar stores back when my kids were little!