Monday, April 12, 2010

Sydney's 6th Birthday

I think that this year Sydney had the birthday that was celebrated for more than one week. I am trying to figure out what was so magical about turning 6, but I think it was merely circumstance.

Sydney reminded me the beginning of January that we had told her she had to be 6 to get an American Girl Doll. I had completely forgotten all about it. Perfect, I thought to myself. I will go and get one for her on my next trip to New York. Then the second thought, why I don't I cash in miles and take Sydney with me? We decided that we would not tell her and surprise her the day of the trip. We were also able to rope Aunt Stephanie and Celine into joining us for since the girls have birthdays just 4 days apart!

We had 3 days of fun, broadway, shopping and of course American Girl Dolls!


dusty and meag said...

Finally! a post...They sure had a fun trip those baby yet?

Christie said...

I can't believe she is six! So cute!

Kim said...

I can't believe my little Syders is 6! I'll never forget the days of her being so tiny crawling around and destroying that NYC apt! Love and miss you all!

dusty and meag said...

walker pics? Hello! dying in TN here.

kwgirl said...

What an amazing birthday...LOVE the picture in front of the Mary Poppins
show. And seriously, what's wrong with celebrating for a week?