Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh What a Week!

I have to laugh to keep from crying as this week progresses. It all started out with a lovely stomach flu on Sunday that lingered into Monday. By late Monday afternoon I was feeling better, but weak when I received the dreaded call..."Can you come to New York on Wednesday?" Well, of course, what would I rather do with my week? UGHHHHH!

I start making calls to arrange care for Sydney and Austin and then calls to New York so that I have someone to watch Camryn. Once that was in place it was time to book flights, hotel, and ground transportation. Now the panic begins I have just a day and half to put my house back together from being sick, get some laundry done and pack everyone up. By 3:00pm on Wednesday Camryn and I are off to the airport headed for the big apple. We arrived at our hotel at 1:00am quickly changed and crashed for the night. The next morning we were up early and I went to work, while Camryn hung out at the hotel with her wonderful sitter Bev. I finished my work, raced back to the hotel grabbed Camryn went back to JFK airport to make the 7:30pm flight back home. We were back home by about 12:15am and settled into bed by 1:00am.

Now today was supposed to be my "normal" Friday, but that quickly changed when the boss called at 9:45 AM and asked me to quickly change their trip for Colorado today and route them to Florida. Yikes, I won't go into the details, but all dinner, ski, massages and such have been cancelled for Colorado and the jet has been re-routed to Florida. Dinner reservations have been made for tonight, rental cars will be waiting on the tarmac, grocery shopping is being done while they are enroute. Life is good!

So where does that leave the Reid and mom still in pj's at noon, breakfast dishes to be done, laundry to started, beds to be made and oh, the kids are asking when lunch will be ready!



Lindsey said...

I know you think that is all crazy.. but I SOOOOOOOOOOO want your job. If you hear of any openings... lemme know. :)

kwgirl said...

You need a "Mini Me" to help you out!
I think your boss wants to keep you on your toes...good job on getting it all done. Maybe you'll have a nice quiet family weekend, where staying in your pajamas will be a choice instead of a reality!

Heather Devlin said...

Ehh. Just quit your job.

Jordan said...

This sounds a little too much like The Devil Wears Prada!

The Chili's said...

You are a machine!

angie said...

oh, my! that is craziness!

Tara said...

Yikes, and you show up to preschool looking like all is well. You let me know if you ever run into a bind. I would love to help!

Lisa said...

ONLY YOU CHRISTA!!! Way to go! You totally kicked butt!!!

I am ditto with Lindsey would love to have your job even during the crazy times.

Glad your stomach flu didn't linger too long.