Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome Home Jake!

We returned home on Monday from a fabulous trip to Denver. Our nephew Jake returned on June 11 from Seoul, Korea. Greg drove out with Sydney and Austin, while Camryn and
I flew. Thankfully Hailey was willing to help on the drive out and Grandma Joan drove back with him.

We had a great time hearing mission stories, going to the zoo, gathering for a picnic, attending church for the homecoming talk and an amazing brunch afterward. In fact, I think we were having so much fun that we did not take a single picture!


Steph said...

Thank you for adding the last sentence, that pretty much summed up my feelings about the weekend too, lol, as Jake would write. We loved our time with you and apprecaited your making the journy to Denver, we even managed to get in a little shopping, oops, was that suppose to be a secret, plug your ears Gregory Duke.

Kim said...

Miss you guys lots, it was so fun to see you all. Miss the kids a ton already. I hope to make it back before the end of the summer. Give all the kids hugs and kisses for me!!

Kim said...
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