Friday, February 29, 2008

Newport Beach

Having fun at the resort!

The life size checker board was quite fun for the kids!

Saturday we spent a short time at the beach before it started to rain. My grandparents lived near the beach in California. When I was growing up we had a tradition of going the donut shop with my grandfather and then walking the pier at the beach. I had shared that with Sydney and she insisted we do the same!

We drove home on Sunday, but not before making a stop at the Newport Beach Temple.


Aunt Steph said...

As a child, going to Disneyland was the best. The only thing better is now taking your own children and looking at their faces as they experience the Disney magic. I am not sure who looks happier, Sydney and Austin, or Mom and Dad. So glad this trip was such a great experience and that Grandma and Grandpa Devlin came to share in the fun. These good memories are what get you through some of the cold, cloudy days, thanks for the pictures.

Aunt Steph said...

Oh yeah, and next time, I want to be invited.

Kyndra said...

What a fun trip! We'll have to go to Disneyland together sometime. Syd and Lex would have a ball there!