Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer 2007

Since the past month or more of our summer has been spent packing and moving...I have been quite the slacker in updating my blog. So here is a collage of photos to catch up with the fun things we have done (since moving definitely was not)!

Austin seems to think there is nothing more to life than playing a ball game outside! Sydney had her spring dance recital at the end of May. We went to NYC in June for our business trips/family vacation. One of Sydney's hi-lights was to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. We went up the canyon for dinner and smores in June when Aunt Stephanie was in town and again on July 23rd with Greg, Grandma and cousins while Christa was in New York working. Thus one of the reasons Sydney does not have her hair done. Not to mention the fact that she fell in the lake while on a walk with her dad and cousins.


Steph said...

Glad Sydney did not fall in the lake on Aunt Stephie's watch. Please tell me you are ending many summer evenings with a creamed snow cone, since you are so close. Since coming back home to Denver, that is one treat our kids are still missing and talking about. Thanks for the update, looks like you'll be spending the holidays in your new home, it will be fun!

Anonymous said...

We are missing you guys already in the ward! Maddie even asked about you when we were headed to nursery last week.
The pictures are so cute and I am glad that we can keep track of you through your blog! Hope everything goes well with the house...I would love to come see it when it is done!

angie said...

what cute pictures! i love to peak in! i hope you are well!