Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend began without any definite plans for our little family. Then Greg called on his way home from work on Friday and suggested we take Sydney and Austin to a Salt Lake Bees game. I was not sure if they would enjoy that or not (silly me), but when he mentioned they were playing Fresno and that there would be fireworks at the end, I was IN!!

Sydney enjoying the game!

Are we going to make it till the fireworks?


Grass and wide open space...Austin and his cute cousin Stockton wondering why they cannot run wild at the cemetary??

On Monday morning we picked up Great Grandma Reid (91 years old) and went to the graves in Springville. Sydney, like her great grandma, loves flowers and offered to hold Grandma's beautiful roses as we drove.


Anonymous said...

Austin has hair! I can't believe both Sydney and Austin are so blonde. Very cute. (Holly)